Hello future Online SFI Entrepreneurs. I would like to start with a true explanation of what an Online Business is. I want to shed light of what it really is, so that you the reader are not led in the wrong way by thinking you can make money over night (Like I thought in 2009, when I started). Honestly, By now this question is almost never asked because all of us are familiar with online businesses such as Amazon.com, eBay, Google, Facebook and countless others. For our purposes an online business is any business on the Internet that sells products, services, or advertising online. The difference between a website and an online business is that the latter sells something using the global communications infrastructure of the Internet.

My goal here is to set the stage for your success with SFI (Strong Future International). This will be the place all your answers about SFI will be met, with open arms and the comforts of understanding how to start your Online Business with SFI. I would like for you to browse around the tabs at the top to get a better understanding of SFI (Strong Future International). Thank you for visiting my blog and you can learn more about myself by going to the About Me tab up above. I look forward to helping you pursue your dreams and aspirations. Remember you always have The Path To Prosperity.

*This Is Really Important: Please check out this comparison to other business opportunities and see for yourself. SFI Comparison Chart

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