4 Step SFI Rinse And Repeat System

SFI Rinse And Repeat Method

SFI Rinse And Repeat Method

Good move on your part for choosing to stay on this site, Congrats. I’m going to show you a 4 step rinse and repeat process that will not only get you sign-ups for SFI, but will generate income for you as well, along the way. This is ridiculously simple and I am glad I stumbled onto it to give to you.

So, One day after reading some of the training SFI offers in their back office about why its important to owning your own Domain Name / URL Forwarding (Explained in step 2), I thought cool idea, I went ahead and got my own domain name (http://www.sfisuccessforyou.com) and redirected it to one of the gateway links SFI offers in the back office. This was a great first step to improving my online marketing results, but wasn’t enough, I still needed to get those sign-ups AND FAST, Note that SFI has a Goals tab in the TO-DO list and the first goal on the list is New PSA’s (Personally Sponsored Affiliates) for the month, so it was the middle of the month and I only had 1 out of the 10 PSA’s I had put down as my goal for the month. So after rigorous researching on how to get SFI sign-ups fast, I stumbled across a YouTube video, I was skeptical at first with this guy’s approach (I’ll explain this in step 4), but sometimes you have to take a gamble to test the waters. This time around I was surprised. Sign-ups were coming out of no-where and I beat my goal 3 day’s later, but the people signing up, only just signed-up. With SFI, you need to sign-up people who are going to take having their own online business serious, people who are going to be active on a daily bases, I had noticed the people I signed up were not active within SFI and this was when the light-bulb went off in my head. I noticed a change in my own attitude towards my SFI business after getting my own Domain Name, I took it more serious, instead of advertising an ordinary, boring Affiliate Link (long URL, not professional looking), I figured if I could get that point across to the new SFI affiliates I’m signing up, I would have more serious people joining under me, and I could show them how to do the same thing.

I going to be up front with you, cause I want you to succeed with SFI and also generate Income for signing new Affiliates to your SFI business along the way. There will be a small investment in doing the following steps, Getting the Domain and Hosting in step 2 and the advertising in step 4, but realize you will be making the $19 you spend between getting your own Domain and the advertising back multiple times, your Return On Investment or as some like to say ROI. So on to the first step.

Step 1: If you haven’t already, Enroll with SFI, it’s free. Enroll Here.

After enrolling you are going to want to take some time and get familiar with SFI, go through all the tabs, fully complete your profile, but not your Welcome Message yet as this is explained in step 3, sign up for SFI’s a2a program (short for “Affiliate To Affiliate”) which allows you to network with your peers in SFI, find your Gateway Links (Affiliate Links), which is under the My Account tab at the top right and get familiar with each one, you’re going to choose one of these links to redirect to with your own Domain in step 2.

I want to note here that it is important to login into SFI daily and complete your daily To-Do list, read and complete the LaunchPad training you receive in your email, It’s a 30 day training newsletter worth 15 points each, it is vital to get as many VP’s (Versa Points) for the month, so it is going to take work on your part, this is a real online business, SFI is not a get rich overnight scheme, there are real people here. You will see the potential when you complete the next steps, which leads me to step 2.

Step 2: Getting Your Domain Name


This is the part where it becomes fun. I have found the perfect Hosting Company to get your own Domain Name and the best part is it’s not going to break your wallet. For only $9 the first year, yes a whole year (12 months), you get your own Domain, actually the Domain Name is free, what your paying for is the hosting. You will want to get set-up here at FatCow. Make sure to come up with a catchy name for your Domain in regards to your SFI business.

Get All This Only $9 For A Year…12 Months is enough time to rack up the Dough to keep you going:

FatCow Cheap Sheep Plan

Now once you go through the sign-up stage at FatCow, you will want to bypass all the extra stuff they try to add on, you will not need that, as you are here to only pay the $9. Now after you are done with the sign-up stage you are going to want to redirect your chosen SFI Gateway link to your new Domain Name, here is how to do that. Once your in your FatCow Control Panel (cPanel) you are going to want to navigate down to about the middle of the page where it says Domain. Next your going to click on the Icon that says DomainCentral, this takes you to your Domains, so now what you want to do is click on your Domain name and a sub-menu pops down with different options, you are going to want to choose “Pointers”. This will take you to the redirect or forwarding section where you are going to place your Gateway link from SFI. Make sure the drop down menu in front of where you are placing your Gateway link says “URL” also make sure to check off “Stealth” instead of “Standard”, why Stealth, because if you choose standard your Gateway link will show up in the address bar, with Stealth your new Domain name will show up in the address bar and thats what you want your visitors to see.

Once you have that all setup then it’s time to visit the affiliate section of FatCow. This is the money making part, $25 for new sign-ups that get this hosting plan, here is an affiliate payout link from FatCow: How Much Money Can I Make. I believe once you have an account with FatCow your automatically an affiliate for them, I have been with them for quite some time now, so I’m not sure what process they are going through now for new people, I find my affiliate information on the top right tab of the control panel under Account information. Now for the Rinse and Repeat method to work it is mandatory you get your FatCow affiliate links and Banners, we are going to use them in step 3. Also be sure to fill out your information correctly and add your PayPal address for payment, if you don’t have a PayPal account, set one up, it’s free and easy, go here PayPal. You will want to add your PayPal email address in the section of how you want FatCow to pay you, also make sure to fill out everything there. Go here for all the information you need on becoming an affiliate, especially if you reside outside the United States: The FatCow Affiliate Program.

Step 3: Setting up your Welcome Message in SFI and creating a page like this.

Once you have step 1 and step 2 complete, you will need to have a Welcome Message, explained below, which you will set-up in SFI, but first you are going to want to create a page like the one your on right now. Reason behind this is you want your new Affiliates to be directed to this link in the Welcome Message. This part is easy and free, all you have to do is go to www.wordpress.com, sign up and create a new blog, Name the blog something in correlation to SFI, take all the information and steps from this page, try and re-word it to your own style the best you can, placing your FatCow links and Banners like I did above, when done, Publish the page and View the page, the link you want to copy is in the address bar, this is the link you are going to put in your Welcome Message for your new Affiliates to see. Here is how SFI does it: When a new affiliate logs into the SFI Affiliate Center, he or she is greeted by an alert page reminding them of important steps they need to take and information they need to know. Included on that alert page will be a message that says:

“Your sponsor—”your name” (youremail@gmail.com)—has left a special welcome message for you. Click here to read now.”

 SFI has a great Welcome Message Template you can use for your own Welcome Message, just make sure to include your SFI Rinse and Repeat link somewhere in the message, and tell your new affiliates the importance of going to this link, how it will help them tremendously with their SFI business. Here is my Welcome Message you can use for example:

Hello ~firstname~,

Welcome on board SFI !!!
I am Jon Harte from your Upline.
I am excited to learn that you have joined our Group!
It is truly my honor to welcome you to my SFI Success Team!

You have joined a dynamic team for SUCCESS!
Please read this carefully and save this letter. (You will need to modify it with your information and send it to the people you recruit) It contains VERY USEFUL information for you to get a fast start on your business and earn income along the way.

I want to personally thank you for making our group stronger than ever!

Here is the URL to the Exclusive SFI Rinse and Repeat method that I am offering my team. Its at:


Sign up and start using it and your downline will grow at an unbelievable rate. Please contact me if you need any assistance. Together we’ll make this happen!

Jon Harte

Ok, on to our last step, Step 4.

Step 4: Advertising

This is were it gets really exciting, as I mentioned above about the rigorous researching I have done to get SFI affiliate sign-ups fast, this was a gold-mine of a find, and not a lot of people know about this. The advertising platform I’m using for my Domain Name is AdF.ly and the kind of advertising they offer is unbelievable, meaning you will get sign-ups.

Sign up here for an Advertiser Account

How this works is you will sign up as an Advertiser, when you click the link below you will arrive on AdF.ly’s homepage, click the join now button and fill in your information making sure you choose the Advertiser Account Type. Once you have that all set-up you will need to go to the Create Campaign tab on the top, this is where we are going to set the amount your going to spend and quantity of visitors you will receive. You will want to use the Proxy Traffic Deal $0.40. 

The guy in the YouTube suggests you get 100,000 visitors for $40, sure go ahead, better for you and more sign-ups, but for now we will only enter 25, for 25,000 visitors, you are only spending $10 and you can always re-invest in larger campaigns later, why?, because you will after you see what only $10 will bring you. It’s ridiculous.

So there you have it, by repeating the above steps (cause now you can by re-investing), you are not only generating Income from FatCow, but you are generating a serious avalanche of SFI Affiliates and because you are sending them to your own SFI Rinse and Repeat method, they will take their SFI business seriously, why?, Because you are showing them a way to make their business grow while earning money along the way.

Sign up here for an Advertiser Account

Additional Advertising

This is totally optional if you have time in your day, but I have an additional page full of advertising resources, all free to join. You can bypass the Adf.ly link I have on there since we already covered that on this page. Go Here: Recommended Advertising

Eventually you will make enough money to actually build your own site as I did here: Internet Business Domination

Internet Business Domination

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