Maximizing Your Income

Your main income with SFI should be coming from your Direct Commissions, so you want to start out with earning commissions and build up from there.


The easiest ways to start earning Direct Commissions are to…

  • Sponsor new affiliates – and then teach them to do what you do, and…
  • Refer new members to TripleClicks

Sponsoring New Affiliates
There are different levels and different methods for sponsoring new affiliates to build your team. We’re just going to touch on a couple of them in this video and you can learn more about them by going to your Affiliate Center.

  • Start telling your friends and family about SFI using e-cards and two-sided business cards.  Send e-card to the people in your email list, and keep a stack of cards with you and hand them out and leave them on restaurant tables.
  • Text ad advertising on free sites like,, and
  • Plug into S-Builder and earn affiliates by buying S-Builder shares.
  • If you have your own blog or website, you can write articles about the economy and earning a second income and you can place banners on your blog.

Referring New TripleClicks Members & Generating Sales
Using the same methods as sponsoring affiliates, start telling people about the sales and savings on TripleClicks, especially the Pricebenders Auctions. When they join TripleClicks and start making purchases, that generates direct commissions for you.

Referring New TripleClicks Members with Pricebenders Auction Bids
Penny auctions are still really popular today. And since Pricebenders bids are only 29¢ each, just about anyone can get in on the fun!So sell TCredits to people to get started with Pricebenders!

Most Consistent Results & Most Duplicatable Are Co-ops

Use the SFI’s S-Builder Co-op which generates HUNDREDS of new SFI Affiliates and TripleClicks members and awards them to participating affiliates. To learn how you can begin receiving a share of these valuable, business-boosting sign-ups every month, visit SFI’s S-Builder.

Get SFI affiliates from the SFI Team Co-op and use your SFI Co-op Manager to help you position these affiliates with guidance from your Genealogy Information. Locate 5 to 10 serious business builders and guide them to use these four duplicatable ways to share in the SFI growth. Join this Co-op to get started!


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