Online Marketing Program For SFI

Now You Can Duplicate A Proven Successful Marketing System And Start Generating Tons Of Sign-ups…Starting Today!!!

Your Easy, Effective Marketing System

This marketing system is designed with your success in mind so please use it and we can enjoy the rewards together. The system is designed to market the products of SFI. The sales letters offered here promise access to this system when the prospect signs up. You must send the URL to this page to each person you sign-up. This will benefit you because it will show your downline how to easily promote their new business and bring you more money each month as they sign-up people.

Not an SFI affiliate yet? Sign up TODAY by CLICKING HERE!

Bookmark this page now so you’ll be able to find your way back!

First, You’ll learn how to set up the system so that it will automatically handle all follow-up. Then, I’ll show you how to generate the leads that will fuel the system and make it run. After the system is set up, your main job will be to generate the leads that keep it going.

Here’s the system:

Step 1: Visit ListWire and sign-up for a free auto-responder right away. This is the tool that will put your sales campaign and follow-up on automatic pilot.

Step 2: Save these proven sales letters onto your computer by clicking on each link, right click on the text, press “select all” from the edit menu, copy and paste into notepad or your favorite word processor.

Edit each letter and replace my SFI info with yours.

Don’t forget to save the subject copy also!

  • Letter 1   Subject: The Info You Requested!
  • Letter 2   Subject: More SFI Info
  • Letter 3  Subject: You’re Missing The SFI Boat!
  • Letter 4  Subject: SFI Is EXPLODING!
  • Letter 5   Subject: Did You Get My Post?
  • Letter 6   Subject: Did You Sign Up?
  • Letter 7   Subject: Ready To Start?
  • Letter 8   Subject: Time Is Running Out!
  • Letter 9 Subject: Time’s up!

Step 3: After you have changed all your info in each letter, simply log into your new ListWire auto-responder and add each letter, in order, into their message boxes. Set the follow-up intervals to 1, 2, 3, 4… so that your follow-up messages go out each day for nine days until they say NO or they decide to join SFI with you!

Your Automatic Follow-up System is now in place!

The follow-up letters promise prospects access to this system if they sign-up with SFI. If you are using this system you must include the URL to this page in your welcome letter that you send when you are notified by SFI that you have a new sign-up. Do not omit this step! If you need a copy of a welcome letter click here. Consider this welcome letter as a basic letter, personalize it and add whatever extra info you want to this letter. Send a welcoming letter the same day your prospect signs up! This is very important! Get them started quickly and point them in the right direction. They are your future!

OK, now your system is in place. Now it’s time to put it to work.

Your simple task will be to generate leads and have the prospect put their name and email address into your auto responder and let the auto responder automatically handle the sale.

Sample Ads

Here’s some sample ads to get you started:

STUFF An Extra $200-$500 in Your Pocket Every Month!
Through our FREE SFI Affiliate Program you can earn hundreds of
 dollars every month on sales of subscriptions to Six-Figure Income Magazine, advertising in SFI Magazine, and on dozens of our exclusive informational products and business-building services. We’ll provide everything you need. For immediate info send a blank email to:

Would you like to make money on the internet?
Start earning $20-$200 every day, working less than 30 minutes a
 day on your computer. No obligation, limited time offer! Act NOW and you’ll get our $295 Internet Income course ABSOLUTELY FREE! For immediate info send a blank email to:

FREE Affiliate Program develops a passive, self-perpetuating income stream!
Enroll in our FREE SFI Affiliate Program and develop a passive,
 self-perpetuating income stream through our FREE international co-op advertising program! For immediate info send a blank email

Network Marketing is Booming on the Web! 
Learn how we’re sponsoring 1000’s monthly worldwide without mailing anything, without faxing anything, and without calling anyone! Totally internet and system-driven and we’ve only scratched the surface. Get started FREE! Sign up as an Affiliate. Then watch the explosion before your eyes. NO OBLIGATION! For immediate info send a blank email to:

Would you like to make Money Online? 
Start earning $20-$200 every day, working less than 30 minutes a day on your computer. NO OBLIGATION! Limited time offer! Act NOW and you’ll get our $295 Internet Income Course – ABSOLUTELY FREE! For immediate info send a blank email

Let the Internet do the work for you! 
Start your own FREE Internet business, in your own home, at your own pace, with your own computer. Self-perpetuating World Wide Web Income System that REALLY WORKS! WE provide the know-how – YOU provide the time! NO Investment Necessary – ZERO RISK! Get started NOW! For immediate info send a blank email to:

Now it’s time to get busy! You have all the tools you need.

Your job is easy. Just keep sending leads to your automatic sales machine.

SFI offers a long term residual income. The early years are the time that you need to be actively building your business. Reinvest your profits back into your business

Proceed To The Recommended Advertising For SFI To Use The Above


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