SFI Follow Up 7 “Ready To Start?”

When I didn't hear from you, I figured you were out of town or laid up so I thought I'd write again to remind you to sign up as soon as possible for SFI. This is the first online business that I have actually made money in. I guess that's why I'm so excited. I'm looking for 20 people who are serious about making money online and will commit to spending at least an hour online each day promoting the business.Of course, there will be room for people who don't want do do anything but they'll make a lot of money too because if they don't we won't make money. I have prepared secret website for us that will take each new member step-by-step through their daily promotional routine. This will make it much easier to get things done each day. And most of these resources are free so we won't have to spend money growing our businesses. If you haven't signed up I recommend doing so today so you can take advantage of our tremendous growth. If you get in early with me our combined energies will propell us forward. SIGN UP TODAY!

Jon Harte

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