Why You Need Your Own Domain

Tips for improving your online marketing results


Are you, your team members, or customers serious about building profitable online enterprises? Then a personal domain name is absolutely vital. Here are five great reasons why:

1. Professionalism.  Customers seek out professional companies.  A personal domain exudes a professional image, prestige, and invaluable credibility.

2. Short, sweet address. Instead of having to advertise long, hard-to-remember URLs, you, your team members, and customers can create an easy-to-remember domain name(e.g.http://www.sfisuccessforyou.com). From there, building a Website with links to SFI Gateways or, in the case of your customers, other affiliate sites is a simple matter. Or you can simply set a personal domain to automatically redirect (referred to as “URL forwarding”) to a favorite Gateway or any other site.  For example, you could advertise a name like http://www.sfisuccessforyou.com, but when your prospects enter that URL, they’ll be automatically taken to the SFI Gateway of your choice. NOTE: Click HERE for details on easy URL Forwarding.

3. Unique identity. Many search engines will not even list “replicated affiliate Websites” (such as SFI’s Gateway Websites) as they see them all as simply the same Website which would “clutter” their directory.  With a personal domain, however, you and your customers CAN get Websites listed in search engines, increasing exposure and generating more sign-ups and sales.

4. Permanent address. With a personal domain, you and your family can have permanent, lifetime e-mail addresses that you’ll never have to change…EVER. Plus, you’ll be able to create exactly the e-mail addresses you want (e.g. YourFirstName@YourDomain.com,  Info@YourDomain.com, Support@YourDomain.com, etc.).

5. Control.  YOU control what your site looks like and what information it contains.

Best of all, obtaining your own domain name (and enjoying all the associated benefits) is extremely affordable. You and your team members can get it all for as little as $0.75 a month ($9.00 for 12 months) through FatCow


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